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Caring for Black Ventures: Entrepreneurial Care with Seun Shokunbi

Episode Summary

Meet Seun Shokunbi, Born in Nigeria but raised in Brooklyn, the granddaughter of a Nigerian diplomat, she’s an out-of-box thinker and writer and Pan-Africanist, who is working toward a deeper, intimate connection within the diaspora community by creating a unified spiritual and economic movement to help Africans fully realize wealth and potential. She founded Karfi, a consulting and leadership development firm tackling the issue of untapped talent in Africa by empowering any and all, regardless of wealth, status, or geography, with the resources and tools needed to lead and succeed. Seun is also embarking on a new journey in this season. In this episode, we discuss her new venture, Naturally Beet, and the connection between good self-care and good skincare. Learn more about Seun, here: